Privacy Policy

Security and privacy go hand-in-hand, and so to protect our users, we don’t keep any records of who visits our website or in any other way uses our services. However, we rely on some sub-processors, through EU GDPR Article 28, to host and deliver the website content, and these third parties may keep records they deem necessary for the continuous operation of their services. 2factorauth uses the following third-party entities as sub-processors for the activities listed below:

GitHub Inc.Hosting & Version Control SystemUnited States
Cloudflare Inc.Hosting & Content Delivery NetworkUnited States
Zoho Corporation Pvt. LtdEmailEEA

As a user, you can review our data processing agreements with each sub-processor. Contact [email protected] to receive a copy.

GDPR Requests

If you wish to exercise your right to delete, modify, copy, or transfer your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored by the sub-processors listed above, contact [email protected] or the sub-processor(s) directly. Please note that, as we neither have access to the data nor the right to represent you without your explicit permission, Should you choose to send your request through us, the sub-processor(s) may require additional written confirmation from you before processing your request. Requests sent through us to our sub-processor(s) may also be limited to the data collection done by the entity as our sub-processors, and the company may retain further PII outside the scope as our sub-processor(s).

If you have filed a GDPR request with us and find the response unsatisfactory, you may file a complaint with your country’s governing data protection authority.