Privacy Policy

We believe security and privacy goes hand-in-hand and so to protect our users we don’t keep any records of who visits our website.
We do however rely on some third-parties, through EU GDPR Article 28, to host and deliver the website content and these third-parties may keep records they deem necessary for the continuous operation of their services.

Below you’ll find a list of the third parties we rely on, along with their privacy policies.

CompanyServicesPoliciesCountry of Origin
GitHub Inc.Hosting & VCSPrivacyUS
Cloudflare Inc.CDNPrivacy, GDPRUS
Report-URI Ltd.CSP Report CollectorPrivacy, DPAGB

GDPR Requests

As we collect no Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we are unable to comply with GDPR Article 15-17 requests to obtain, edit or delete PII.
Should you wish to exercise any of these rights on the third-party dependencies listed above, we recommend you contact them directly.

GDPR Complaints

If you wish to make a GDPR complaint you may do so by mail.

C/O Postia 1006,
214 13 Malmö,

If the response is not satisfactory, you may choose to contact the governing data protection authority of your country.