Information to companies is a directory of online services. Our mission is to be an independent source of information on which services support MFA/2FA and help consumers demand MFA/2FA on the services that currently don’t. The directory is run by the non-profit organization 2factorauth, registered in Sweden.

The content

All our content is crowdsourced and moderated by 2factorauth. If a person requests to list a new service and said service meets our listing criteria and guidelines, it gets published to the directory.

If you find your service listed here it most likely means one of your own users have requested it. If you already provide two factor authentication, the list will function as free promotion for your service.
If you currently do not support two factor authentication, the listing functions as a reminder that your customers think this is an important thing for you to provide.

Edit a listing

If the data about a service is inaccurate you can create an issue or pull request on GitHub to update it.

Takedown requests / DMCA

As 2factorauth is registered in Sweden, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act does not apply to and thus DMCA requests will be ignored. All the information on is both public information and compliant with fair use. We believe consumers should be able to compare services to find the alternative that best fits them; We therefore do not remove listings.

If you have further questions you may contact us by email or by post:

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