API usage


The data collected for the 2FA Directory website is also available as JSON files to enable developers to use it in their programs. The API with the highest version number is recommended since older versions might not include all available information.


If you intend to query our JSON files often and with a lot of traffic, you may be blocked by Cloudflare, our reverse proxy provider. We therefore recommend that you cache the files locally for any significant traffic cases.

Avoid downloading unnecessary data

If you only intend to use a specific dataset, like all sites supporting RFC-6238, we recommend using the URI which lists just that. See URIs for available paths. The smaller, the better.

Version 3


CoverageUnsigned FilePGP Signed File
All sites/v3/all.json/v3/all.json.sig
All 2FA-supporting sites/v3/tfa.json/v3/tfa.json.sig
Phone calls/v3/call.json/v3/call.json.sig
Email 2FA/v3/email.json/v3/email.json.sig
non-U2F hardware 2FA tokens/v3/custom-hardware.json/v3/custom-hardware.json.sig
U2F hardware tokens/v3/u2f.json/v3/u2f.json.sig
RFC-6238 (TOTP)/v3/totp.json/v3/totp.json.sig
non-RFC-6238 software 2FA/v3/custom-software.json/v3/custom-software.json.sig


KeyValue TypeAlways DefinedDescription
domainFQDN✔️The domain name of the service
imgStringImage name used. If this is not defined, the image name is domain.svg
urlURLURL of the site. If this is not defined, the url is https://domain
tfaArray<String>Array containing all supported 2FA methods
documentationURLURL to documentation page
recoveryURLURL to recovery documentation page
notesStringText describing any discrepancies in the 2FA implementation
contactObjectObject containing contact details. See table below for elements
regionsArray<String>Array containing ISO 3166-1 country codes of the regions in which the site is available. If the site is available everywhere apart from a specific region, that region will be prefixed by a - symbol
additional-domainsArray<hostname>Array of domains that the site exists at in addition to the main domain listed in the domain field.
custom-(software|hardware)Array<String>Array of custom software/hardware methods that the site supports. Only present if the tfa element contains one of these 2FA types
keywordsArray<String>✔️Array of categories to which the site belongs

Contact Object Elements

KeyValueAlways DefinedDescription
twitterStringTwitter handle
facebookStringFacebook page name
emailStringEmail address to support
formStringSupport contact form
languageStringLowercase ISO 639-1 language code for the site if it is not in English

Example website with 2FA enabled

    "Site Name",
      "domain": "example.com",
      "additional-domains": [
      "tfa": [
      "custom-software": [
      "documentation": "<link to site TFA documentation>",
      "recovery": "<link to site TFA recovery documentation>",
      "keywords": [

Example website with 2FA disabled

    "Site Name", 
      "domain": "example.com",
      "contact": {
        "twitter": "example",
        "facebook": "example",
        "email": "[email protected]"
      "keywords": [

Version 2

API version 2 is no longer available. Please upgrade to version 3 if you use this version.

Version 1

API version 1 is no longer available. Please upgrade to version 3 if you use this version.